Submitting your work to Gestalt

Gestalt is an independent publishing house with an eye for quality in content and production.

Please note: We are not actively seeking submissions at this time.

If you would still like to send an unsolicited submission for our consideration, please be sure to check out the titles we’re publishing. If you truly feel your work is of the same (or better!) standard then please feel free to send your material for our consideration.

Please note that we cannot guarantee editorial feedback for unsolicited submissions. Receiving any kind of response from our submissions editors may take several months.

Ensure you meet our legal requirements by reading, printing and signing our Submissions Agreement.


While Gestalt is not actively looking for staff writers, we will review proposals for new properties.

Please ensure your submission includes the following:

  • a single-page cover letter introducing yourself and your project (including the title, overall concept, creative team attached, and status of production) and contact information.
  • if you have a creative team onboard, introduce each member with 1-2 paragaphs per person, including their credits and work history in comics and related field
  • a 1-2 page outline of the major events of the entire story from beginning to end outlining the WHAT, WHERE, WHO, WHEN and WHY.
  • at least ten consecutive pages of script or, preferably, the complete script.

Your proposal should demonstrate a level of professionalism in structure and presentation.


Gestalt is open to consider work for freelance pencillers, inkers, colorists and letterers.

Your submission should include at least ten pages of sequential art.  To show us how well you can tell a story, these pages should include a variety of scenes, technology, backgrounds and characters – ranging from talking heads (dialogue) to intense action. Finished and lettered pages are preferred.

Please note:

  • Pencillers:
    Your portfolio should show pencils-only.  Endeavour to ensure the scans are of good enough quality to clearly see your work.
  • Inkers:
    Your examples should be high-resolution black-and-white. Please include scans of original pencils for comparison.
  • Colorists:
    Your portfolio should be based on line-art from multiple artists and show your abilities in a variety of styles/settings.

All submitters should complete the Initial Enquiry form below.

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