Andrew Constant

Andrew Constant has been a journalist, a salesman, an I.T. manager, a bartender and a hippy, but always knew he was a comic book writer. And now he is, God help us all. Andrew’s first book Torn came out in 2011 and is the tale of a wolf infected by the most aggressive virus the world has ever known: humanity.

Torn has been praised by the likes of Greg Rucka who calls it a, “mesmerizing, hypnotic and frankly disturbing tale,” and J.T Krul who says the story, “reveals the true nature of humanity’s base nature … by ripping it out before our very eyes.”

In the making of his debut graphic novel, Constant teamed up with artists Nicola Scott (Secret Six, Teen Titans) and Joh James (12 Gauge Studios’ I.C.E) to create a frenetic tale that brings bloody fangs and a raw approach to the werewolf tale.